Join us in our mission to support children and families to enhance their environmental education

Listen to the story of our first year to see where your contribution will go to support our community in 2021

Join us in our mission to support children and families to enhance their environmental education  image


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Listen to the story of our first year to see where your contribution will go to support our community in 2021

All funds raised from this campaign will go directly to the children and families that complete our educational programs in the form of plants, supplies, and grant awards.

Thank you!

Thank you from our team at Bunny's Flowers in NYC and Doylestown, PA for an amazing, healthy, and safe year. Despite the year’s challenges, we are proud to announce that we had a successful FIRST year as an educational institution! Bunny’s Flowers is a 501c3 non-profit organization and you will receive a letter in your email to verify your tax deductible donation.

We have had a positive community impact and we will be continuing our educational program with Delaware Valley Universities online educational programming in the spring. We are looking forward to moving into our second year to continue a legacy of community development work that goes back over a century in the ancestors of its founders and in honor of our wonderful community in Bucks County, PA and New York, NY.

This program was inspired by the specific wish of Ricelle”Bunny” Grossinger to enhance the lives of children and families through environmental education in the garden.

🌸 Our Programs 🌸

Bunny's Flowers has a strong focus on mental health support and education, and we use flower gardening as a way to reach our clients. We work with all aspects of the community, children, and families to have a valuable experience with Bunny’s Flowers that they will remember for a lifetime. In 2020, we sent out flowers to people struggling with mental health issues with a personalized card that was hand written by one of our students, to teach the importance of giving the gift of flowers and a sweet message to brighten someone’s day. 🌸

One of our most effective launch programs, The Bunny’s Flowers “Create Your Own Home Garden” Program, was well received by the community. Children and their parents were able to start their own gardens with the education and plants they received from our program. They also received tools and continued support from our organization to help maintain a sense of mental well-being and success. We also used our state of the art ventilation system that is similar to the engineering specifications of scientific laboratory equipment to enhance our safe social distancing. We followed the same protocol that was implemented at doctors offices as far as no contact thermometers, mask wearing, and sanitization practices.

We are also proud to say we were able to provide support and monetary donations not only to our clients but also to other local non-profits such as Rachel’s Helping hands, Miracle Corners of the World, UNWRA USA National Committee, The Barn Nature Center Foundation , Crossfit Summa, Between Friends Outreach and a handful of other local organizations and businesses.

🌸 Our Partnerships 🌸

Bunny's Flowers successfully created partnerships in our first year. Each one had an impact, and all are appreciated. Several of these partners even received Community Development Initiative Grants to support other educators by creating jobs in our community.

Big thanks to our partner organizations:

The team at Bunnys Flowers will be working along side Miracle Corners of The World NYC to recruit students to our Young Leaders Access Program. Among our other partnerships initiatives include Delaware Valley University, The Barn Nature Center Foundation, Blue Ocean Global Technology, Girl Power Talk, Crossfit Summa, Arbonne, Yoga with Jess Otero, “La Placita” Community Garden project Philadelphia, all who became official partners of our organization and matched our vision of health and wellness in our community.

Also a special thanks to our strategic partners and friends for their support: The Barn Nature Center Foundation, Lucky Church, Alloyius Mcllaine, Monumental Enterprises, House of Triumph Ministries, The Swedenborg Foundation, Doylestown Hemp Company, Wale Apparatus, Bethlehem Burners, and Once Upon a Dream Princess Parties, and many more.

Co- Founders Gregory Booth and Brandon Grossinger Both have over 15 year experience working in the field of community development, education, non-profit management, program development, and a variety of other industries that give our organization a cutting edge approach to being on the forefront of medical safety in the worst days of the pandemic. Notably, our Co- Founder, Anthony Caulfield, brings his over 50 years of engineering and corporate business expertise to the round table of masterminds and has been involved in countless non-profit endeavors in his personal and professional life.

We have deep roots in NYC and Pennsylvania's social services network, specifically in Manhattan and Doylestown, Pa. Our founders have education and experience in working with at risk youth, Leave No Trace (LNT) wilderness ethics training, NOLS (The Nationals Outdoor Leadership School) , music education, urban planning, child care subsidy work as an eligibility specialist, social worker, among a variety of other social services in New York and Bucks County. Co-founders Brandon and Gregory met in their early years at a nursing home in the late 90s working in the kitchen together. Their friendship has stood the test of time seamlessly and both will tell you all about it...

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